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Los Angeles Eviction Service provides specialized Eviction Services including Unlawful Detainer Services, Filings, Registered Process Service, and access to the Top Independent Eviction Attorneys in Los Angeles.  Our Los Angeles Eviction Lawyers and Los Angeles Eviction Attorneys simply know "how to evict a tenant" in the shortest time possible and for the lowest cost possible.  The Eviction Process in Los Angeles can be difficult to say the least.  Landlord Rights to evict are greatly affected by the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, aka RSO.  Los Angeles Eviction Service offers expedited next day case filings and service at the following Los Angeles Superior Court Courthouses: Downtown Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Long Beach Courthouse, Santa Monica Courthouse, Pasadena Courthouse and Norwalk Courthouse.  We utilizes state of the art computer systems to provide realtime updates as your case flows though the Los Angeles Eviction Process.

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In the City of LA, the Eviction Process begins with first determining if the rental falls under the LA Control Ordinance.  If the rental is subject to RSO, you must register the unit.  If you fail to register, you will loose your case.  The next step is to determine if you are evicting for one of the 12 allowable reasons to evict in the City of Los Angeles.  Then you can proceed with a notice to quit.  If the tenant does not perform, you may proceed with the Unlawful Detainer Lawsuit.  You must file a Summons, Complaint, Cover Sheet, and Cover Sheet Addendum.  Then you must have the defendant served by a registered process server.  Five days after proper service, the plaintiff may request default on the defendant.  Once judgment is granted, you must apply for a Writ and Instruct the Sheriff to Lockout the Tenant.  For additional questions about the Los Angeles Eviction Process, or to find out if your rental is subject to RSO, call today!
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